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Confidential Waste Disposal Manchester, Blackpool, Preston, Lancashire

Secure Document  Destruction

For the protection of yourself and your employees, past and present, it is highly significant that any confidential waste is accurately and adequately disposed of.

According to the data protection act, you cannot simply crumple old case reports, customer details, medical records, etc., into a ball and throw them into the bin, as anyone could take out that information and use it for their own means or gain, especially if there are bank details or insurance PINs on them.

With our services at Office Clearance Lancashire, we'll ensure all information is destroyed and illegible.

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Confidential Waste Services Lancashire

Suppose you work in an office, warehouse, UK paper mills or retail centre with plenty of valuable customer and employee confidential waste in storage. In that case, you may find that there is an accumulation of details and sensitive information that you no longer require access to. Give Office Clearance Lancashire a call, and we will help you safely and discreetly dispose of any documents, tapes or hard drives.

Confidential Waste Disposal

Confidential waste is a broad umbrella of various pieces of information and data stored inside files or on tapes and hard drives. Over time, it can become unusable, especially if it carries old customer or employee data.  Contact our professionals at Office Clearance Lancashire, and we'll safely and correctly rid this information.

Tape Disposal

Tape disposal is essential, especially for retail stores and shops that harness plenty of CCTV footage or businesses holding investigation or meeting tape recordings from years past that they no longer need access to. If you find you have an abundance of unneeded tapes, give us a call.

CD Disposal

Perhaps you work at a department store or factory warehouse with an extensive CD stock build-up that you don't know what to do with. It could be that these CDs have been wiped, scratched or broken and are no longer usable, contact us, and we'll help remove and destroy them.

Hard Drive Disposal

Hard drives carry plenty of information that can be crucial to our customers and employees, past and present. Suppose you have a hard drive that is full of unusable information, such as old passwords, reports or data from previous employees, that you wish to get rid of safely and ethically; contact us, and we'll help. 

Computer Disposal

Computer disposal is crucial for various sectors and industries. Sometimes we have computers and laptops lingering around the workplace that are beyond repair, so disposal and recycling is the only way to ensure that they are utilised again and aren't taking up unnecessary space.

Waste Recycled and Reused

Waste that we dispose of and destroy will always be recycled and reused wherever possible. Should we encounter any equipment or materials that we cannot recycle, it is disposed of in the most ethical way possible; however, our professionals can repurpose most materials we collect in some way.

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Need Sensitive  Information Destroyed?

Many commercial and industrial sector buildings have offices, storage rooms or headquarters that contain various confidential and sensitive documents. You may harness sensitive documents that you may no longer need access to within your company property; however, this doesn't mean they can be idly thrown away.

These tapes, documents and hard drives will usually have customer or employee data on them that others cannot get their hands on, so you, staff or waste collectors must efficiently destroy them. Contact us today; our professionals will use practical equipment to destroy personal details.

Lancashire Confidential Waste Disposal

Confidential waste disposal is an aspect of waste collection that encompasses a broad range of equipment and materials, such as CDs, tapes, hard drives, paperwork and files. If you're located throughout Lancashire and the North West, our professionals can help you successfully remove and dispose of your confidential waste by destroying it.

Tell Us What You Need

First, we ask that you tell us the services you require. For example, if you are a restaurant chain and you need plastic and food waste management or work in an office and therefore require general office waste and confidential waste management, let us know. In doing so, we can accurately supply the fleet, equipment and document shredding resources to complete the job.

We Dispose And Destroy

Next, it is our responsibility to dispose of and destroy your waste materials. Confidential waste, such as documents, tapes, hard drives, etc., are sometimes destroyed onsite so that you can oversee they are correctly destroyed. However, other forms of waste are distributed to be destroyed elsewhere.

Recycled and Reused

Finally, the destroyed materials then move onto the recycling stage, where they are repurposed into similar or different products and then distributed to be used at other companies. For example, a computer with broken parts may become a laptop used in a different sector, etc.

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Office Waste Disposal Greater Manchester, Blackpool, Preston, Wigan, Bolton, Warrington, Chorley, Leyland

Office Waste

Office waste can be anything from paper, unusable pens and food waste to old pieces of machinery and computers that no longer work and confidential documents. At Office Clearance Lancashire, we provide clients with a complete, professional and discreet service that helps you rid your workplace of waste you no longer need.

Confidential Waste Disposal Greater Manchester, Blackpool, Preston, Wigan, Bolton, Warrington, Chorley, Leyland

Confidential Waste Disposal

Confidential waste is tricky to dispose of, especially in a work setting when there's so much data about your employees and data stored on computers, drives and filed away inside your cabinets. Office Clearance Lancashire can help you discreetly and adequately remove it with stamping and shredding that will ensure private information cannot be relayed.

WEEE Waste Collection Greater Manchester, Blackpool, Preston, Wigan, Bolton, Warrington, Chorley, Leyland

WEEE Waste

WEEE collection is essential for all establishments and industrial properties that need to safely and efficiently rid electronic or electrical equipment that no longer serves them. Office Clearance Lancashire ensures that this is done safely and sustainably to ensure that old products are disposed of, repurposed or fixed for yourself or other companies.